Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Grow well, stay healthy, avoid gaining weight, healthy eating… So many good reasons to choose a balanced diet. All good reflexes!

10 Golden Rules for Healthy Eating

    • Avoid skipping meals

      Nutritional intake should be spread into 3 meals throughout the day. A real breakfast prevents the pump stroke at 10:00, lunch (which does not rhyme with sandwich every day) and the dinner must be lighter because it is not followed by any significant expenditure of energy before bedtime.

    • Combine vegetables, starches and proteins at each meal.

      It is the synergy of these three food groups that will help you avoid tiredness and snacks! If lunch is reduced to prefer the mixed sandwich with vegetables, wholemeal bread or to cereals.

    • Don’t overdo fat.

      To cook, prefer vegetable fats (oils, margarine) animal fats (butter, sour cream). Think also cooking methods that require little fat (steam, curl, grill), salad dressings or sauces home less fat than those already available.

    • Reducing salt intake.

      Should not consume more than 9 grams per day! Do not ressalez before tasted. Think of herbs and spices that often “fall” flat without the need to add salt. Be vigilant salts “hidden” in most dishes.

    • Limit sugary foods.

      Sodas, cakes, puddings…. it is too! Without renouncing your guilty pleasures,you must avoid dangerous accumulations or opt for pastry “house” which is always less saturated in sugar.

    • Avoid snacking between meals.

      Snacks, sweets, chocolate bars … hard to resist! And yet … These are called “empty” calories that contribute nothing to the body and did not appease hunger. In acute and repeated syndrome, plan a cereal bar or fruit, healthier and more satisfying.

  • Drink water freely throughout the day.

    Essential for hydration! If you want to “liven up” your drink, lemon juice or mint leaves are wonderful and are sugar free!

  • When you are hungry, eat a fruit.

    Snack why not, but provided no rush on a pastry or a packet of crisps! Fruit is used to satisfy sweet cravings. Note: apples (thanks to the pectin they contain) also allow you to feel full.

  • healthy eating.

    No way to turn you into unconditional nutrition or victim! A well thought out diet should not be a punishment. And like any rule, it implies exceptions. To you to determine the pace!

  • Exercising daily.

    A healthy body needs to spend!Evene if you don’t practice spor! consider including in your day at least 30 minutes of physical activity.

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