Weight Loss Success Stories

My quest for healthy weight began at the end of 2005, when I weigh 200 pounds for only 160 cm. And believe me, it was a long adventure that was rich in lessons. First of all, my personal experience of weight loss showed me that the first step, prior to any weight loss process was seriously asking me this question: Why am I fat, in reality? My honest answer to this question was the beginning of the resolution of my weight problem.

I confess that I have long held heredity and a slowed metabolism as being responsible for my obesity and I really believed. Then one day in 2001, I agreed to confess that deep down, I had something else to blame me.

It was then that I saw in detail my lifestyle and my eating habits while being very honest with myself. It jumped out at me, I had to adopt a healthier diet and move more. Lose weight in a sustainable way, it starts with awareness. This is the first lesson I learned in my approach.

Weight Loss Problems and Obstacles

There were also many obstacles I faced, as anyone who decides to lose weight. These occur before, during, and I would say also after weight loss. These barriers are very large amount of strange ideas that circulate about obesity and weight loss. He first had those I maintained myself almost unconsciously, including:

  • “My body is not made to weigh 130 pounds.”
  • “It is impossible for me to spend a week or even a day without eating chocolate.”
  • “Every time I lost weight a bit, I finally regain the lost weight. Diets do not work “

Another major obstacle to my weight loss was weird ideas that were thrown to me by my entourage:

  • “Your father is big, your mother is fat. It is normal that you bristle obese, it is registered in your genes! “
  • “You’ll not always have time to continue training as you do here.”
  • “You’re all back what you lost and then some.”

Fight Sugar Cravings

How then I succeed to stop my addiction to sugar? At present, the number that appears on the scale when I step on, is no longer a threat to my health. It does not bother me. My addiction to sugar bothers me, it, however. I do not want this behavior. It bothers me. It is harmful, with or without overweight.

I look back and I find it pathetic. Every day, I need “My dose”. I would have quit smoking or using drugs and the challenge would not have seemed bigger.

Like what an addiction is an addiction, whatever it is!

But I’m actually happier after eating these tasty treats? Of course the answer is no!

So I have to search another source of satisfaction, greater this time. This could be a larger amount of chocolate? Or a new flavor? Or a new kind?

I used Garcinia cambogia as a best appetite suppressant, it really helped me in this long and difficult step to lose weight.

What, then, to finally break this vicious circle apparently hopeless?

I think it is mostly to continue to believe in me and my success. This is, in my opinion, the winning attitude.

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