How To Quit Sugar ?

They told me 7 years ago, one day I almost would not want to eat cakes, chocolates, candy, or drink sugary drinks, i don’t know if i would believed.
Today i don’t like to drink sugar drinks ,I love the water and i drink it throughout the day with an enormous pleasure and even at night.

The 4 steps that helped me to quit my sugar addiction.

The need for change

At this step, This is the most important stage.Many people just say they would change, they would like to do this or do that, without ever actually taking action. The first step to get decide to quit sugar impulses is to get ready to quit.

Spending some time to prepare to quit will help increase your chance of successfully quitting your sugar addiction.

My need for change was so strong, that once I decided to put myself in sport and learn how to eat healthy, i never stopped. of course , Initially i had hard times, but I have always persisted until these crises and today i have totally lost it.

step 2 :awareness of the consequences of actions

you can hide behind the excuse of “I didn’t know.” I didn’t know that sugar was so bad, I did not know that this was the main reason for my weight,I did not know that sugar was so bad poison for my body.But once we became acutely aware of this. And the more you realize, the more you evolve, the more we change.

I learn a lot about the evils of sugar consumption and about healthy nutrition, I see a coach when I started to teach me how to eat in order to have a healthy body,

I enjoy eating healthy and taking care of my body , now i can say that i get back my body into the best shape and fitness level.

Qtep 3:How to Detox from Sugar

Like anything “addictive” that we must stop.the phase of “detox” is the hardest, yet it is essential to overcome to be fully released. Many say they have successfully quit drugs, smoking, but the sugar is for them by far the most difficult addictions to treat.

Indeed, I confirm, depending on your level of sugar intoxication, it will be difficult. But what I can promise you is that after spending the hard phase, a new life that awaits you.

Step 4: The Inside Job

I really think this is my current inner serenity that really allowed me to completely get rid of my bulimic impulses of the past. My change was not only physical but also spiritual, and I do not consider myself as the same person I was there 7 years.

It’s a real transformation Body, Soul and Spirit and it is in these cases that the transformation is powerful, with little risk of going back, as in the case of most diets and temporary loss solution weight or eat healthier.

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