Quick weight loss tips

Losing weight maybe a necessity for many people who are overweight. However, there are many others, especially among the female population of the world, who are obsessed with losing weight simply to be in a better shape.

To lose weight, such people try all kinds of diets including a revolting starvation diet where they do not have to eat a single meal in a day. There are also several exercising tips available but more often than not people tend to shy away from exercises.

In such a scenario, what is most suitable are some general tips which will help shed the extra pounds without starving yourself and without spending two hours a day on a tiring workout. Sounds impossible? Check out these simple weight loss tips for an easy yet efficient way to lose weight and get in shape!

Eat foods which are filling

filling-foodsDieting has never been a recommended way of losing weight. Rather than starving yourself, the focus should be on eating the right foods. The best way to avoid snacking on foods which add to the weight is to stop feeling hungry all the time and to stop feeling too hungry at mealtimes.

The best way for this is to eat foods which are rich in fibre and protein and will keep the stomach full for a long time. This will automatically mean that you don’t grab on those fries and sodas for quick bites and also do not over eat during mealtimes. Some such foods you can try out are: Oats,Nuts,Eggs,Sausages,Greek yogurt,Berries,Beans…

Drink water

Water is the only element that we take in which contains zero calories. It is very important for hydrating the body and keeping it healthy. Many people feel that to lose ‘water weight’ drinking less water will be helpful. The fact is that it is actually the opposite.

The more water you drink, the more likely you will be to lose the water weight. Drinking water just before mealtimes is also recommended as it will fill up the stomach and reduce appetite so that you end up taking in lesser calories during meals.

Walk as much as possible

Walking is the simplest physical exercise which one can perform. Lack of space to walk or not having the time to go walking are no longer acceptable excuses for avoiding this basic exercise. Just by walking for 10-15 minutes will be very helpful for losing weight. Here are some easy weight loss tips with respect to walking:


  • If you take the bus/ train to work, get off one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.
  • Take some time during lunch hour to get out of the office and walk.
  • Use the stairs instead of elevator.
  • Walk around the house as much as possible while doing daily chores.
  • When you go to a mall, explore it thoroughly walking as much as possible.
  • Go for small hikes on weekends.

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