Food that boost metabolism naturally

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To put it in the simplest terms, metabolism refers to the process by which the body breaks down the calories taken in into energy. It is a complex procedure during which oxygen in the blood cells is used to break down the food and drink to release energy.

The fact is that the energy requirements of the body remain the same on any normal day. When a person takes in more number of calories than are required by the body, it results in fat as those calories are not converted into energy.

Best ways to boost metabolism naturally

In order to work towards boosting the metabolism, it is first essential to understand the factors behind low metabolism. Some common factors which affect metabolism are:

  • Age – Metabolism rate generally decreases after the age of 40.
  • Gender – Males have a higher metabolism rate than females because of more muscle tissue.
  • Hereditary – A very common factor is that low metabolism is simply inherited from parents.
  • Weight – While it is a proven fact that people with high metabolism tend to lose weight faster, it cannot be said that increased weight leads to low metabolism.

Top foods to boost metabolism naturally

While there are several factors ruling metabolism rate, as stated above, but one can always give the body metabolism a push through the following foods which will definitely increase the body’s fat burning capacity:

  • Almonds – These nuts are probably one of the best foods for boosting metabolism naturally as well as for overall weight loss. They are rich in protein, fibre and monosaturated fat which will work wonders for boosting metabolism of the body.
  • Dairy products – All dairy products are rich in proteins and are therefore highly recommended as metabolism boosters. However, ensure that you have only skimmed milk and yogurt and stay away from processed cheese.
  • Spinach – While all green leafy vegetables are good for boosting metabolism naturally, spinach juice in particular is highly recommended because of its rich protein content.
  • Water – Dehydration can significantly lower the body metabolism rate. It is essential to drink the optimum amount of water to keep up the metabolism.
  • Coffee – You may have heard that drinking coffee keeps you awake and alert. Well, it is a scientifically proven fact that the energy one gets from drinking coffee is because it boosts the metabolism rate of the body.
  • Green tea – Green tea is probably one food which shows up in all lists for weight loss. This is because of its excellent antioxidant properties which keeps all internal organs healthy. Also it contains a plant compound called EGCG which has been linked to boosting metabolism and burning fat.
  • Whole grains – Finally, all products such as bread, pasta, rice etc. which are made from whole grains are highly recommended for losing weight. They are rich in fibre and take more time for the body to break down.

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