10 best stomach weight loss exercises

The middle region of the body i.e. the waist and stomach is the region where the maximum fat is deposited.
While some belly fat is essential because it protects all the vital organs which are located in that part such as liver, kidneys etc,an excess of belly fat can cause problems because it may result in cardiovascular diseases.

Belly fat is not just unhealthy, but it definitely makes a person look a lot less attractive.To lose belly fat, a combination of a healthy diet consisting of specific foods which help reduce belly fat like oats, berries. and a set routine of daily physical exercise is required.

Here we have tried to cover ten of the best and easiest stomach exercises which one can perform inside the house or in the yard which will visibly reduce stomach fat within a few days.

Top stomach exercises for reducing belly fat

The following are the exercises which must be a part of a physical workout regime for losing belly fat.

    • Crunches : This is definitely the top exercise for reducing belly fat or building abs. to perform this exercise, lie down on a mat with knees bent and raised in the air. Now cross your hands under your head and lift your upper torso till as far as possible. Remember to breathe in and out deeply every time you lift your torso.
    • Twist crunches/ Side crunches : This exercise is easier to do than normal crunches and is equally effective. The position is same as in crunches but the difference is that instead of lifting up the whole upper torso, you can simply lift up one shoulder such that you feel your waist twisting with every crunch.
    • Reverse Crunches : As the name suggests, this exercise is exactly opposite of a crunch. The position remains the same but instead of lifting the upper torso, one has to lift up the knees for every crunch. One can easily alternate between crunches and reverse crunches during the exercise routine.
  • Bicycle exercise : Cycling in itself is a great stomach exercise. However, if the exercise has to be done within the confines of a room, one can simply imitate the movement of pedalling a bicycle while lying down on a mat. Make sure to keep your hands loosely on your head and try to bring each knee alternatively to as close to your face as possible.
  • Lunges : Another extremely effective stomach exercise, especially for those who find doing crunches difficult. In this, one has to simply take a big step forward with one foot and then bend the hips in a sitting position. This ensures that one leg is at a ninety degree angle to the ground while the other one is stretched straight and supported only by toes. In the same position, one can twist from one side to another to make the whole exercise even more effective.

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