Food that boost metabolism naturally


To put it in the simplest terms, metabolism refers to the process by which the body breaks down the calories taken in into energy. It is a complex procedure during which oxygen in the blood cells is used to break down the food and drink to release energy. The fact is that the energy requirements of the body remain the same on any normal day. When a person takes in more number of calories than are required by the body, it results in fat as those calories are not converted into energy. Best ways to boost metabolism naturally In order to work towards boosting the metabolism, it is first … [Read more...]

Easy ways to add protein to every meal


About one-sixth of our body weight comes from proteins, so it is essential to know ways to add protein to meals . Proteins compose our vital organs and are necessary to our growth and movement. This makes protein as one of the important components of our system. So next time when you go on to have your meal give special attention to the amount of your protein consumption. For an adult individual a daily dose of 0.8 gram of protein is needed on a daily basis against per kilogram body weight of the person. This number stays the same for both sexes and one has to personally ensure this amount … [Read more...]

Eat clean in 2015


The first question which pops into the mind is what ‘Eat clean’ or a ‘clean diet’ really means. The answer is pretty simple. Eating clean basically means eating the healthiest foods and cutting down on the unhealthy ones. Food items which come under the category of healthy foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and foods rich in proteins. On the other hand, foods that need to be cut back on include refined grains, foods with unhealthy fats and any food with high calorie content because of added sugars and salts. Quick tips to eat clean If you have made a New Year … [Read more...]

10 best stomach weight loss exercises


The middle region of the body i.e. the waist and stomach is the region where the maximum fat is deposited. While some belly fat is essential because it protects all the vital organs which are located in that part such as liver, kidneys etc,an excess of belly fat can cause problems because it may result in cardiovascular diseases. Belly fat is not just unhealthy, but it definitely makes a person look a lot less attractive.To lose belly fat, a combination of a healthy diet consisting of specific foods which help reduce belly fat like oats, berries. and a set routine of daily physical … [Read more...]

How To Quit Sugar ?


They told me 7 years ago, one day I almost would not want to eat cakes, chocolates, candy, or drink sugary drinks, i don't know if i would believed. Today i don't like to drink sugar drinks ,I love the water and i drink it throughout the day with an enormous pleasure and even at night. The 4 steps that helped me to quit my sugar addiction. The need for change At this step, This is the most important stage.Many people just say they would change, they would like to do this or do that, without ever actually taking action. The first step to get decide to quit sugar impulses is to … [Read more...]