The best foods for weight loss


Obesity increases the risk of developing heart problems and health issues, which is why many people want to lose weight when they have excess pounds. Control your eating and limit your caloric intake is essential for weight management! It is important to choose the right diet to make sure that the plan is so effective. Cucumber Cucumber contains vitamin A, C and K and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. It is Ideal for weight loss because it is rich in fiber and low in fat and especially helps to reduce your waistline. Just add it to salad or eat it … [Read more...]

Nutrition and Healthy Eating


Grow well, stay healthy, avoid gaining weight, healthy eating... So many good reasons to choose a balanced diet. All good reflexes! 10 Golden Rules for Healthy Eating Avoid skipping meals Nutritional intake should be spread into 3 meals throughout the day. A real breakfast prevents the pump stroke at 10:00, lunch (which does not rhyme with sandwich every day) and the dinner must be lighter because it is not followed by any significant expenditure of energy before bedtime. Combine vegetables, starches and proteins at each meal. It is the synergy of these three … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Success Stories


My quest for healthy weight began at the end of 2005, when I weigh 200 pounds for only 160 cm. And believe me, it was a long adventure that was rich in lessons. First of all, my personal experience of weight loss showed me that the first step, prior to any weight loss process was seriously asking me this question: Why am I fat, in reality? My honest answer to this question was the beginning of the resolution of my weight problem. I confess that I have long held heredity and a slowed metabolism as being responsible for my obesity and I really believed. Then one day in 2001, I agreed to … [Read more...]

Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss


To lose weight, there are several solutions: the difficult and sometimes dangerous regimes, products such miracle garcinia cambogia, regular exercises or a better nutrition. Depending on your goals, you choose the method that suits you best. you should support the sport with a healthy, balanced and regular nutrition to achieve good results. In order to lose weight naturally and permanently, the only solution is to adopt a new lifestyle. This implies, incorporate into your lifestyle that these two elements are a balanced diet and exercise. Consequence of weight gain Gain weight … [Read more...]

Best Recommendations For Weight Loss

best superfoods for weight loss

Here are some best food recommendations to ensure continued weight loss success process and reach your weight loss goal. The most important rule is still only eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full, regardless of selected foods quality. Reflect the concept of energy density. Make sure that you do not have to control excessively what you eat. Make sure that you do not need to calculate the calories. IMPORTANT: weight loss should not exceed 1 kg (2 pounds) per week. We advise you to proceed without haste and test each recommendation. Best Recommendations For … [Read more...]