Obesity : Prevention and Strategies

While it is important to know what you eat, you have to evaluate what you spend! Or several methods to estimate the calories we burn more or less reliable, they are essential to understand your needs and assess the number of unnecessary calories.

Burn Calories

burn-caloriesAbove all, we must know that our weight is a balance between inputs and outputs in energy.
Several factors explain the changes in energy expenditure among individuals:

  • Weight: more we weigh more, our body consumes energy. It’s almost good news if you have a lot of overweight: you will burn.
  • more calories through physical activity!
  • Age: the older we get, the less calories burned.
  • Sex: a man spends a lot more calories than women, even though they weigh the same.

To evaluate the energy consumed. For example, to measure the basal metabolic rate, you can put the person in a bell and measuring gas exchange: oxygen consumed is directly related to calories burned.

Causes and Factors

The origin of obesity is multifactorial, involving genetic factors and environmental factors.

The causes of obesity are extremely complex. In addition to dietary imbalances and psychological disorders, many factors are involved. This is particularly true of sedentary behavior related to our lifestyle.

The weight of food

Our poor eating habits, too calorie products, lack of time … are all causes of overweight. Discover the mistakes that hides our plate.

Fast foods: responsible but not guilty?

Hamburger meal served with french fries and soda close-up

The problem of obesity now affects all Western countries. But in this area, the United States actually have several steps ahead. First, a little reminder, to define overweight and obesity, we use the body mass index (weight divided by height squared). If greater than 25, we talk about overweight.

In his film, Morgan Spurlock speaks directly to fast food in the overweight epidemic in the United States. It is true that the figures presented are quite impressive. So every day, one American in four would go into a fast food restaurant. When eating out, it is half the time in a fast food chain.

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