Easy ways to add protein to every meal

About one-sixth of our body weight comes from proteins, so it is essential to know ways to add protein to meals . Proteins compose our vital organs and are necessary to our growth and movement. This makes protein as one of the important components of our system.

protein mealsSo next time when you go on to have your meal give special attention to the amount of your protein consumption. For an adult individual a daily dose of 0.8 gram of protein is needed on a daily basis against per kilogram body weight of the person. This number stays the same for both sexes and one has to personally ensure this amount to ensure the smooth functioning of the body.

How to add protein

Proteins, as they are a must, can be found in many meals. Be it a vegan or a non-vegan, they can get their share of proteins without much hustle. Thankfully our diet incudes some of the major sources from which proteins can be derived. Here is a list of sources from where one can get their share of daily protein and ways to ways to add protein to meals:

Milk and Eggs

For vegetarians milk and egg act as a prime option for protein intake. A person can be assured of consuming required amount of protein if these items are a part of the meal. As it happens, milk and eggs are the best sources of protein and they do not contribute to any fat or cholestrol gain as the is case with many protein diets.

Leguminous plants

Legumes are a great source of proteins because they happen to possess various nutrients which are generally needed to develop the next generation of the legumes. This richly nourished embryos are a potential protein factory and you can lay your hands on it without much expenditure. They do come cheap and are available at any grocery store. So, do make them a part of your lifestyle.


Meat and fish

This I do not have to tell you. You all know how rich a source of protein fish and meat are. Two pieces of them will provide you enough protein to last you for days. Their taste is an added benefit to the nourishment they provide, and they are rightly found at the top of the ladder when it comes to food consumption.

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