Celebrity weight loss secrets revealed

All people will do anything to be on top on the red carpet. The majority of stars, have some weight loss secrets, this is why they have always a beautiful, glowing and healthy body. Celebrities are subject to thousands of pictures during a red carpet event. So, to stay slim, every celebrity has a little diet secret. Stars are known […]

Control Your Cravings With Natural Appetite Suppressants

To better control your sugar craving, you can use natural appetite suppressants. To avoid gaining too much weight or to adopt good habits, you would be able to better regulate your appetite and control your hunger! Research Director of the Research Unit “Nutrition and brain” Gilles Mithieux helps us make the right choices. Appetite suppressants are not only food supplements […]

Most inspiring weight loss success stories

You may have seen many weight loss success stories about how some people have managed to lose weight with the help of a “magic” diet or a miracle exercise. However, when it comes to real life, it is very difficult to achieve such success. Losing weight requires dedication, a well controlled diet, a workout routine and a strong will. We […]

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